GL00 Extreme Scratch Damage 125mm Pack of 10

The newest addition to the Glass Restore range.

£60.00 inc. Vat

Product Description

The newest addition to the Glass Restore range, this is our most aggressive disc yet. As such, this heavy duty grinding disc is the premier choice solution when confronted with the most daunting of extreme scratch damage glass repair challenges, regardless of the type of glass.

Another hallmark benefit of this disc is its remarkable long life durability. Once you notice the original highly abrasive surface of the disc starting to wear down, you can still keep using the GL00 over and over again on lighter scratch damage repairs guaranteeing exceptional value for money on top of outstanding performance.

For best results…

Like all other discs in our range, the GL00 is designed to work as an integral part of the industry leading Glass Restore glass polishing system. To repair extreme scratch damage and restore the glass to its original condition, you would therefore start with a GL00 disc before progressing to a lighter disc like the a GL04, then fine out and feather with either a GL05 or GL06 ready for a final felt compound polish.

Additional Information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 16.5 x 14 x 8.5 cm


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