Can I use the discs with my existing polishing machine and back-up pads?

In order to guarantee that you are getting the best from the restore discs you have purchased, we would advise using the complete Glassrestore range of products.

Why are there two final grinding discs and do I have you use them both to remove damage?

There are two restore discs because during development we found that different glass manufacturing processes caused the glass to react differently when being restored. You will only use one disc to finish either the GL05 or GL06.

Does the Glassrestore system remove deep scratches such as graffiti?

Yes by selecting our more aggressive Glassrestore discs either GL01 or GL02 you can quite quickly remove the scratches.

Can tinted glasss be repaired?

Yes as tints are manufactured into and throughout the glass, repairing scratch damage does no affect the tint effect.

Does the Glassrestore system work on all types of glass?

We have perfected the Glassrestore discs to give unbelievable results every time on all types of glass. From stained glass to vintage vehicle windscreen restoration our Glassrestore system will give you a professional finish every time.

Are repairs to glass surfaces visible?

Glass polishing or scratch repair cause no distortion or haze and will restore glass to its original clarity, while using the Glassrestore system and products.


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