Why choose Glass Restore™?

If you’re already in the glass restoration or polishing business, you might have tried other scratched glass repair systems in the past and been disappointed with the results. Similarly, you might be an established glazing business offering replacement glass or windscreen repairs and thinking about branching out by adding scratched or damaged glass repair to your range of services. Either way, there couldn’t be a better time to take a closer look at the unique benefits offered by the industry leading Glass Restore system.

As glass industry professionals across the world have already discovered, Glass Restore is the only scratched and damaged glass repair system that can be GUARANTEED to repair any type of commercial or domestic glass and restore it to its original pristine condition…time after time, every time!

That’s why you can safely trust Glass Restore to successfully repair any type of glass damage from minor scratches to angle grinder and weld splatter, saltwater erosion, chemical damage, mineral deposits and even the heaviest acid graffiti.

Keenly priced to offer outstanding value for money compared to other glass repair systems on the market, Glass Restore can deliver significant savings for you and your customers as a cost-effective alternative to expensive glass replacement – not to mention the environmental benefits of reducing the carbon emissions inevitably produced in the manufacture of replacement glass.


In Action

Glass Restore™ Demo Step By Step

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